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QSO x The Cat Empire

As part of Brisbane Festival, The Cat Empire & Queensland Symphony Orchestra are joining forces in an electrifying fusion of music genres - one night only!

Ticket Options & Offers for QSO x The Cat Empire

Brisbane - Fortitude Music Hall

Tickets $101.67*

Thursday 19 September 2024, 7:30pm



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About QSO x The Cat Empire

Experience this legendary Australian band like you've never seen them before! As part of Brisbane Festival, The Cat Empire and Queensland Symphony Orchestra are joining forces for one night only in an electrifying fusion of music genres at the Fortitude Music Hall.

Enjoy an eclectic collection of The Cat Empire's beloved tunes and new sounds for an immersive orchestral experience with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra that will have you dancing from start to finish. Fans of The Cat Empire can expect some exciting new material as well as beloved classics re-invented for the orchestral world, including Hello, How to Explain, Days Like These and many more.

The Cat Empire with Queensland Symphony Orchestra will draw on the vibrant worlds of Afro-Cuban, Seychellois Kreol, Brazilian and flamenco music combined with the band’s unique sense of musical style along with the raw power of a live symphony orchestra. Featuring world-class flamenco artists, this immersive orchestral experience shows this iconic band like you have never heard them before.

This is an 18+ GA standing event.


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